Environmental Soil Science

Good soil quality is an essential part of healthy agricultural and forest ecosystems. Research in soil science focus on water and nutrient cycling, soil organic matter, greenhouse gas emissions from soils, and the impacts of soil erosion and soil amendments on soil quality as well as forest and crop production.

Chang Lab: Forest Soils and Nutrient Dynamics
Forest soil processes; soil microbial ecology; global change and soil acidification; carbon sequestration; forest fertilization; silviculture-soil management interactions.

Dyck Lab: Contaminants in Soils, Soil Physics
Fate and transport of contaminants in soils; ecological risk assessment; soil fertility; long-term agroecological experiments; soil physics.

Hernandez Ramirez Lab: Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes in Agroecosystems
Assessments of soil carbon sequestration; greenhouse gas mitigation, climate change adaptation in agriculture; enhanced resilience in agroecosystems; evaluations of soil functions and ecosystem services; water and nutrient management, precision agriculture.

MacKenzie Lab: Soil-plant relations
Effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on soil-plant relations; fire biogeochemistry; silviculture and soil fertility; land reclamation in the oil sands.

Naeth Lab: Contaminated Soils And Anthroposols
Impact of contaminated soils on plant establishment and growth; changes in soil properties with time on reclaimed sites; development of anthroposols (human made soils); bioremediation and phytoremediation of soil contaminants.

Olefeldt Lab: Catchment and Wetland Sciences
Impacts of disturbances and management on wetland functions; greenhouse gas fluxes and soil carbon storage; northern peatlands; permafrost thaw and thermokarst; terrestrial-aquatic linkages.

Quideau Lab: Soil Biogeochemistry
Carbon fluxes and organic matter processes; effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on soil organic matter; organic matter quality in reconstructed oil sands soils; quantifying carbon and nitrogen fluxes in reclaimed soils.

Siddique Lab: Soil Chemistry and Environmental Microbiology
Biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons under anaerobic conditions; metabolic pathways of hydrocarbon degradation; and molecular fingerprinting of hydrocarbon-degrading microbial communities.