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Edmonton Inspires II: An Exhibition from the University of Alberta Museums

The Department of Museums and Collections Services is pleased to announce the opening of Edmonton Inspires II, the second of a two-part University of Alberta Museums exhibition that runs from 25th November to 18th December 2004, at the FAB Gallery on the University of Alberta campus.  To view photo gallery click here.

Edmonton Inspires II began with 17 Museum Studies students, a learning lab exhibition space and a question: How has Edmonton inspired creativity, inquiry and research at the University of Alberta Curated and produced by the students with guidance from the Department of Museums and Collections Services, the resulting exhibition is not only a diverse selection of art, artifacts and specimens from the University of Alberta Museums, but also a series of engaging stories about the museum objects and their connection with Edmonton.

We are thrilled to see the students hard work result in this exhibition, said Janine Andrews, Executive Director of Museums and Collections Services and instructor of Art History 430/560 Museum Studies: Issues and Practice.The entire project has been a hands-on learning experience for students enrolled in the course. In their respective curatorial teams, the students worked on all aspects of producing the exhibition, including research, design, marketing, and evaluation.

Edmonton Inspires II features several University of Alberta Museums collections in the areas of art, biological sciences, earth sciences and human history. Each area explores how collectors, teachers and researchers at the University have in some way contributed to, or been inspired by, the University of Alberta and the city of Edmonton. It's surprising the range of stories the University of Alberta Museums has to share, said Lori Johnson, one of the students involved in the project. Everything from a member of the Group of Seven on campus, through an elephant stampede, to pioneering women social activists.

The University of Alberta Museums contains more than 20 million artifacts, natural history specimens and works of art held in 35 distinct collections. Edmonton Inspires II is presented by MACS with the support of the Friends of the University of Alberta Museums, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the FAB Gallery and the Department of Art and Design.  For more information call the Department of Museums and Collections Services at 492-5834.