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Soil Monoliths Collections
The Department of Renewable Resources has a comprehensive collection of soil profiles (Soil Profiles of Canada (ISSS)) representing the major soils in Canada. Augmented by representative landscape photographs and analytical data, this collection was assembled in conjunction with the 11th International Congress of Soil Science (Edmonton 1978). The display was given to the Department of Soil Science by Canadian Society of Soil Science in 1978. A set of Tour Guide Books was published that covered numerous transects across Canada and describes many of the soils contained in the collection. This collection is unique in Canada and is available for viewing in display cases on the second floor hallway of the Earth Sciences Building.  The soil profiles of Canada collection is a valuable reference source in undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Renewable Resources, other related disciplines and of interest to campus visitors. The approximate replacement value of this collection is: $200,000. >>more

Dendrology Collection
The Dendrology Collection is a reference and teaching collection that supports the study of woody plants. The Collection holds a range of specimens of plant material, including seeds, cones, leaves and bark. The specimens have been collected throughout North America, with a particular emphasis on Western Canada. Widely used, the Collection is a fundamental resource for studies in forest biology, ecology and plant identification. The Collection is used by University staff and students, and is a tool for exploring the ecological importance and diversity of trees, shrubs and vines. >>more

The Cy Hampson (Wildlife) Collection
The Cy Hampson Collection is a comprehensive reference collection of mounted specimens, skins and skulls. Used for teaching Alberta's faunal biodiversity, the large collection represents birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes, insects and other invertebrate animals. The collection is an active and essential resource for studies in forestry, and environmental and conservation sciences. These studies provide a deeper understanding of faunal diversity, and the interactions between animals, humans and the environment. >>more

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