Conservation Biology Research Groups

Conservation biology is a rapidly growing area of well-supported research activity in our department, also in great demand by graduate students. Our research within this theme is aimed at understanding how biological diversity, at various spatial and temporal scales and organizational levels, is affected by land use practices and human actions.

John AcornJohn Acorn: Entomology & Wildlife Biodiversity and Ecology

Faculty Service Officer researching Alberta's entomology and natural history; host and creative force behind the popular TV series Acorn, the Nature Nut and the E. H. Strickland Entomology Museum.

Belland Lab: Bryophyte Biodiversity and Rare Plant Conservation
Patterns of bryophyte diversity on landscapes, historic plant geography, conservation of rare and endangered plants.

Foote Lab: Wetland Ecology and Management
Wetland habitat disturbance, management and reclamation; ecology of threatened wildlife species; wetland and wildlife policy, botanic garden education and interpretation; sustainable use of wildlife resources, hunting tourism.

Hamann Lab: Conservation Genetics and Climate Change Adaptation
Conservation and ecological genetics; vulnerability assessments of populations, species and ecosystems; conservation gap analyses; protected area design under current and future climates.

He Lab: Biodiversity and Landscape Modeling
Community ecology; species diversity; biological conservation; landscape ecology; ecological methodologies and modeling; spatial statistics.

Macdonald Lab: Northern Vegetation Ecology and Biodiversity
Diversity and composition in northern plant communities; environmental effects monitoring; effects of forest management on understory plant communities; restoration of boreal forests after industrial disturbance.

Naeth Lab: Contaminated Soils And Anthroposols
Protected areas ecological restoration; invasive plant ecology and management; reclamation of disturbed ecosystems; restoration ecology; vegetative reclamation and conservation.

Nielsen Lab: Applied Conservation Ecology (ACE Lab)
Species distribution and habitat supply modelling; endangered species monitoring and management; conservation planning and reserve design; grizzly bear ecology and management; landscape ecology.

Poesch Lab: Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
Fisheries and watershed management and conservation, endangered species monitoring, species distribution and habitat modeling, invasive species monitoring and management, restoration of aquatic systems.

 Schmiegelow Lab:  Northern Ecosystems and Wildlife
Effects of land-use policies and practices on wildlife and ecosystems; conservation and management  of northern systems in Canada; large-scale experimental field studies as an integral component of  active adaptive management.

Spence Lab: Invertebrate Ecology and Biodiversity
Effects forest management and other disturbances on invertebrate populations; forest insect pest management; biology and systematics of beetles, bugs and spiders.