The diversity of the research interests of the faculty members of our department creates a powerful and exciting research environment. The Department of Renewable Resources encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific and management applications in natural and managed landscapes.

We have developed partnerships with other departments at the University of Alberta, colleagues at other universities, provincial and federal governments and industry. This all contributes to achieving our goal of "Excellence in the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge about natural and managed ecosystems."

Conservation Conservation Biology is an area of well-supported research activity, which is also in great demand by prospective graduate students. Our research within this theme is aimed at understanding how biological diversity, at various spatial and temporal scales, is affected by land use practices and human actions. Research is conducted in the context of resource-based economies, and strives to develop innovative solutions to biodiversity concerns.

ForestsForest Ecology and Management is a recognized area of excellence in our department and includes intensive forest management systems, genetic improvement, site preparation, fertilization, pest impact reduction, and density management for enhanced productivity. We are also working on extensive systems such as mixedwood management and emulation of natural processes. Complementary research for all forest management systems ensures that they are ecologically and socially sustainable

AgricultureAgriculture and the Environment research field aims at developing sustainable agricultural practices and avoiding or minimizing environmental contamination. Research within this theme investigates how soil organic matter changes under different agricultural management practices, the roles of agricultural systems in the control of greenhouse gases, and agronomic and environmental impacts of fertilizer and manure.

ReclamationReclamation and Restoration of Land and Water is a rapidly growing research field in our department, developing techniques for restoring land and water resources following oil, gas and mining disturbance. The main objective is to achieve natural systems equivalent to pre-disturbance conditions, or resource capabilities appropriate for a specified use. Research topics include soil salvaging techniques, removal or reduction of pollutants, soil amendments, revegetation, and improved environmental impact assessments.

SoilsEnvironmental Soil Science Good soil quality is an essential part of healthy agricultural and forest ecosystems. Research in soil science focus on water and nutrient cycling, soil organic matter, greenhouse gas emissions from soils, and the impacts of soil erosion and soil amendments on soil quality as well as forest and crop production.

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