Study in Romania, Germany or the Czech Republic

Managing and Conserving Forests for Multiple Values (MACOFOR)

Managing and Conserving Forests for Multiple Values (MACOFOR)

You could study for a term in Germany (at Georg-August Universität Göttingen in Göttingen), in the Czech Republic (Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague) or in Romania (University of Transylvania in Brasov). Courses in Germany and the Czech Republic are available in English, and English language assistance and tutoring will be available in Romania.

This opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students studying in any area relating to forestry and forest conservation science at the University of Alberta.

Students pay U of A tuition, and will be responsible for obtaining advance approval of courses from their program advisor but will receive U of A credit for approved courses taken in Europe.

Students can apply for fiancial support from their faculty, UA International, or other sources.

If you are interested in studying in Europe at one of these 3 univerisities- contact Phil Comeau