Projects & Partnerships

Enhanced Forest Management Group

The Enhanced Forest Management Group at the University of Alberta conducts research that will contribute to the enhancement of productivity (growth, health and quality) and to the sustainable management of northern forests. The group provides an opportunity for collaborative research on innovative forestry practices which link genetics, silviculture, growth and yield, and management for enhancing wood production and other values, such as watershed, recreation, wildlife, and biodiversity.

Ecosystems Management Emulating Natural Disturbances

The Ecosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbance project is a large-scale harvest experiment designed to test effects on ecosystem integrity and forest regeneration. EMEND is a long-term project that began in 1998 and is forecast to run for one stand rotation, or approximately 80-100 years. We seek to determine how practical forest harvest and regenerative practices can best maintain ecosystem integrity in comparison with mixed-wood landscapes that have originated through wildfire and other inherent natural disturbances.

Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science

The Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science at the University of Alberta is a partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) and the Canadian Forest Service (CFS), creating a fire science hub that links ASRD and CFS with researchers at the UA and other Canadian and international research institutions.The WPWFS focuses on delivering high-quality knowledge and education to enhance wildland fire management, public awareness and safety, and to help promote healthy and productive ecosystems.

Southern Rockies Watershed Project

The Southern Rockies Watershed Project investigates the effects of natural disturbance pressures by wildfire on regional water resources. The study was initiated after the 2003 Lost Creek wildfire, one of the largest and most severe wildfires to occur in the upper eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in recent history. The project is unique in bringing together a highly diverse team of water and natural resource scientists spanning hydrology, disturbance ecology, water treatment engineering, and natural resource sociology and economics.

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