Graduate Studies

Various graduate research opportunities exist with the Alberta School of Forest Science & Management through the departments of Renewable Resources and Rural Economy. Visit the Renewable Resources graduate section regarding the different fields of study students may specialize in.

Master of Forestry (MF) - course based

This program provides an advanced degree in sustainable forest management for professionals. The program may also serve as an opportunity to partially fulfill requirements to become a Registered Professional Foresters working in government or industrial organizations or as consultants. The program is normally completed within one year, but may be taken on a part-time basis.

Master of Business Administration / Master of Forestry (MBA/MF) Joint Degree

Combine advanced forestry knowledge with managerial skills for a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Our MBA/MF (Master of Forestry) joint degree prepares you to take a leadership role in Canada's greatest source of export revenue. The forestry sector is one of Canada's top export sectors and contributes billions to the Canadian Economy. More details about this program.

Transatlantic Forestry Master (TRANSFOR-M) International Dual Degree

An international 2-year Master program leading to dual degrees in Forestry at a European and a Canadian institution. Students may choose from a number of both thesis-based or course-based Master's programs of the participating departments and faculties. Learn more about dual degree programs.

Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Both the MSc and PhD degrees are thesis-based programs. Details regarding program requirements, length of program, how to apply, etc. are available on the MSc or PhD program section in Renewable Resources. Specializations include Forest Biology and Management, Water and Land Resources, Wildlife Ecology and Management among others. Visit this page for a complete list.

Student Research Experience

The Alberta School of Forest Science & Management provides an unparalleled research experience. Whatever your chosen area of study you will find supervisors who share your passion and have the expertise and real world experience to guide you through your studies.

Career Opportunities