Biodiversity conservation - Studying how biological diversity is affected by land use practices and human activities, and developing innovative solutions to biodiversity concerns

About the School

Integrating Ecological, Economic and Social Forestry Research and Education

The Alberta School of Forest Science & Management highlights, guides and enhances the University of Alberta's commitment to education and research in the area of Forest Science & Management, by building and supporting effective local, provincial, national and international partnerships. We also work to ensure that the full benefits of sustainable forest management and innovative forest sector technologies accrue to Albertans.

Practical and Applied Learning

Several of our courses provide students with opportunities to develop practical and applied skills through field trips, hands-on field and laboratory exercises, and computer simulation exercises. Undergraduate students participate in introductory and advanced Field Schools.

Undergraduate Programs

Learn about the forest - trees, plants, soils, wildlife, insects, disease, fire, climate, and water so that you can discover how forest ecosystems operate. Learn how to use computer technology to measure, monitor and map the forest. Learn how trees grow and develop, how they are harvested, what products they create and how to ensure new forests are successfully established. Gain an understanding of how economic principles affect decision making and how policies governing the use of forests are established and enforced.

Our School offers undergraduate programs leading to a BSc Forestry or a BSc Forest Business Management. Graduates are eligible to apply to become a Registered Professional Forester.

Graduate Programs and Research

Graduate programs in forest science and management are for students who appreciate the need to manage forested lands with due concern for forests as integrated ecological entities. The program focuses on utilization and management of forest resources while ensuring that sustainability and other social and cultural  needs are met. 

Our School offers graduate degrees specializing in various fields of study. Visit the Graduate Program and Research sections to find out more.