Alexander Drummond

Facilities & Camp Coordinator

Renewable Resources
751B General Services Building

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Responsible for teaching or team-teaching REN R 201 - Introduction to Geomatic Techniques in Natural Resource Management (First Term), FOR 431 - Integrated Forest Management (Second Term), REN R 477 - Wildlife Human Activities (Second Term), REN R 299 Environmental & Conservation Sciences and Forestry Field School (Spring/Summer Term) and REN R 101 - Introductory Forestry Field School (First Term). Responsible for all administration and certain academic aspects of all department field schools: Forestry Fall Field School – a 6 day field course for new students in forestry programs, Spring Field School– a 3 week field course for students between 2 and 3 years in forestry and ENCS programs. Responsible for “Due Diligence” around field activities (teaching and research) for the Department: member of 2 University Task Forces relating to safety and Due Diligence, and provides liaison to training bodies and offers certain training to the department. Alex is responsible for recruitment and public relations for programs offered through the department - High School and Post-secondary recruitment efforts for the forestry and ENCS programs. In association with department academic representatives, Alex is responsible for managing space within the department. Alex is the UofA coordinator for the 8 university consortium (4 Canadian and 4 European schools) called TRANSFOR and is a member of the Canada - Mexico Forest Health Initiative.


  • 2005 - James M. Kitz Award