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Who are we?

In the Department of Renewable Resources, we’re working on solutions for some of the world’s most pressing land-use and management challenges.

With 34 talented scientists in the fields of land reclamation and restoration, forest ecology and management, water, conservation biology and the soil sciences - our diversity is our strength. Our external research funding of nine million dollars this year is a testament to the value our partners place on our research programs. In addition to the variety of tools and applications we produce, we also generate over 140 peer-reviewed publications in some of the top scientific journals each year. We exemplify robust, basic and applied academic research.

We also view our commitment to teaching and educating the next generation of resource scientists and managers as vitally important. With over 400 students in our undergraduate programs and 140 students in our graduate programs, we’ve trained thousands of graduates now in the workforce.

The following stories profile just a portion of the great work in our Department. We welcome your feedback on opportunities for partnerships and to discuss how we can best address your research questions.

Renew Fall 2016 newsletter

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