Institutes and Initiatives

    Enhanced Forest Management Group. The mission of the Centre for Enhanced Forest Management is to conduct fundamental and applied research that will contribute to the enhancement of productivity (growth, health and quality) and to the sustainable management of northern forests. 
    Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science. The Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science is an international leader in wildland fire science, contributing to shape fire management in Canada and around the world.

  Environmental Research and Studies Centre. This environmental resource and links site is designed for 1) Scientists seeking information on environmental research programs and researchers; 2) Students seeking information about environmental studies programs, courses, and careers; 3) Teachers seeking science-based resource materials for their classrooms; and 4) Citizens seeking information about current environmental issues in Alberta, Canada and the World.
 Land Reclamational International Graduate School   Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS). LRIGS provides interdisciplinary and international training of highly qualified land reclamation professionals with the education and experience necessary to take on leadership roles in academia, government and industry. LRIGS is the first graduate school of its kind in Canada and around the world.
    Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology (ACRRE). The proposed Alberta Centre for Reclamation and Restoration Ecology at the University of Alberta (ACRRE) will serve as a nucleus for the development of world-class research programs, education of natural resource professionals, application of scientific knowledge to best management practices and policies, and enhancement of public education. This includes research encompassing conservation and sustainable management of water, soils, vegetation, and wildlife complemented by work at the interface of social, economic and environmental policy.

    Sustainable Forest Management Network Legacy. The Sustainable Forest Management Network (SFMN or SFM Network) was an incorporated non-profit Canadian research group established under the Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program. The SFMN funded and applied interdisciplinary, university-based research addressing issues related to sustainable forest management.