M. Anne Naeth

M Anne Naeth

Professor Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology; Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies

Phone: 780-492-9053
Email: anne.naeth@ualberta.ca
Department: Renewable Resources
Office: 2-10F Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
2-10F Agriculture/Forestry Ctr
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2P5

Dr Naeth is the Director of the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS) program sponsored by NSERC Create.

Dr Naeth is the Theme Lead for land reclamation and landscape development with the Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative (HAI).

Personal Websitehttp://www.ualberta.ca/~anaeth/

Research Area:  Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology

Research Interests: Land reclamation; revegetation; soil reconstruction (Anthroposols); accelerating soil-plant community development; plant species selection and establishment; impacts of non native species on native plant communities; bioengineering; native plants, their mycorrhizae and microbial communities; soil remediation, bioremediation and phytoremediation; soil amendments, particularly waste products such as compost, manure, sewage sludge and biosolids. 

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Selected Publications

Yao, L and MA Naeth. 2014. Soil and plant response to unused potassium silicate drilling fluid application. Ecological Engineering 73:461-468. 

Yao, L, MA Naeth and DS Chanasyk. 2014. Spent potassium silicate drilling fluid affects soil and leachate properties. Water, Air, and Soil Pollution DOI 10.1007/s11270-014-2156-x 

Jamro, GM, SX Chang and MA Naeth. 2014. Organic capping type affected nitrogen availability and associated enzyme activities in reconstructed oil sands soils in Alberta, Canada. Ecological Engineering 73:92-101.

Luna Wolter, GL and MA Naeth. 2014. Dry mature fine tailings as oil sands reclamation substrates for three native grasses. Journal of Environmental Quality 43:1510-1516. 

Naeth, MA and SR Wilkinson. 2014. Establishment of restoration trajectories for upland tundra communities on diamond mine wastes in the Canadian arctic. Restoration Ecology 22:534-543. 

Mollard, FPO and MA Naeth. 2014. Photoinhibition of germination in grass seed – implications for prairie revegetation. Journal of Environmental Management 142:1-9. 

Mollard, FPO, MA Naeth and AC Cohen-Fernández. 2014. Impacts of mulch on prairie seedling establishment: facilitative to inhibitory effects. Ecological Engineering 64:377-384. 

Brown, RL and MA Naeth. 2014. Woody debris amendment enhances reclamation after oil sands mining in Alberta, Canada. Restoration Ecology 22:40-48.

Desserud, PA and MA Naeth. 2014. Predicting grassland recovery with a state and transition model in a natural area, central Alberta, Canada. Natural Areas Journal 33:91-98.

Cohen-Fernández, AC and MA Naeth. 2013. Erosion control blankets, organic amendments and site variability influenced the initial plant community at a limestone quarry in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Biogeosciences 10:5243-5253.

Desserud, PA and MA Naeth. 2013. Promising results in central Alberta with rough fescue (Festuca hallii) seeding following disturbance. Native Plants Journal 14(1):25-32.

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Gardner, WC, MA Naeth, K Broersma, DS Chanasyk and AM Jobson. 2012. Influence of biosolids and fertilizer amendments on element concentrations and revegetation of copper mine tailings. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 92(1):89-102.

Krummelbein, J, O Bens, T Raab and MA Naeth. 2012. A history of lignite coal mining and reclamation practices in Lusatia, eastern Germany. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 92(1):53-66.

Naeth, MA, HA Archibald, CL Nemirsky, LA Leskiw, JA Brierley, MD Bock, AJ VandenBygaart and DS Chanasyk. 2012. Proposed classification for human modified soils in Canada: anthroposolic order. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 92(1):7-18.

Raab, T, J Krummelbein, A Schneider, W Gerwin, T Maurer and MA Naeth. 2012. Initial ecosystem processes as key factors of landscape development – a review. Physical Geography 33:305-343.

Desserud, PA and MA Naeth. 2011. Promising results restoring grassland disturbances with native hay (Alberta). Ecological Restoration 29(3):215-219.

Jackson, ME, MA Naeth, DS Chanasyk and CK Nichol. 2011. Phosphogypsum capping depth affects revegetation and hydrology in Western Canada. Journal of Environmental Quality 40(4): 1122-1129.

Naeth, MA, DS Chanasyk and TD Burgers. 2011. Vegetation and soil water interactions on a tailings sand storage facility in the Athabasca oil sands region of Alberta Canada. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 36: 19-30.

2011-12 - ALES Teacher of the Year award, Faculty of Agricultural, Life &  Environmental Sciences
2007 - Fellow of the Canadian Society of Soil Science 
2006 - Mentors of the Millenium, Alberta Women’s Science Network 
2006 - Teacher of the Year, Environmental and Conservation Sciences Student Club, University of Alberta 
1999 -2011- Teacher of the Year, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics 
2005 - University of Alberta Vargo Teaching Chair 
2005 - University of Alberta Alumni Association Award of Excellence 
2003 - Award of Recognition from the Canadian Land Reclamation Association 
2001 - Killam Annual Professorship 
2000 - Distinguished Agrologist Award from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists 
1999 - Rutherford Award of Excellence for Undergraduate Teaching, University of Alberta 
1997 - 3M Teaching Fellowship for top 10 professors in Canada 
1996 - Noranda Land Reclamation Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Land Reclamation