Mike Bokalo

Research Assistant Professor

Phone: 780-492-9038
Email: mike.bokalo@ualberta.ca
Office: 843 General Services
Office Hours: By appointment
Address: University of Alberta
843 General Services
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2H1
Job/Research Area: Forest Mensuration/Growth and Yield

Major Responsibilities/Research Interests: Research Coordinator - Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association( WESBOGY); Project Leader - Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM); Reserach Interests: Influence of stand heterogeniety in growth modelling; Modelling of juvenile aspen mortality and self-thinning; Contrasting juvenile natural fire origin and managed stand structure; Predicting temporal understory vegetation dynamics.


REN R 215 Forest Measurements
REN R 431: Integrated Forest Measurement

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Selected Publications

Gärtner, S. M., Bokalo, M., Macdonald, S. E., & Stadt, K. Variation in post-wildfire regeneration of boreal mixedwood forests: underlying factors and implications for natural disturbance-based management. New Forests, 1-20 (2014).

Grover, Brigitte E., Mike Bokalo, and Ken J. Greenway. "White spruce understory protection: From planning to growth and yield." The Forestry Chronicle 90.1 (2014): 35-43.

Bokalo, Mike, et al. "The Validation of the Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM) for Use in Forest Management Decision Making." Forests 4.1 (2013): 1-27.

Reyes-Hernandez, Valentin, Philip G. Comeau, and Mike Bokalo. "Static and dynamic maximum size–density relationships for mixed trembling aspen and white spruce stands in western Canada." Forest Ecology and Management 289 (2013): 300-311.

Cortini, F., P. G. Comeau, and M. Bokalo. "Trembling aspen competition and climate effects on white spruce growth in boreal mixtures of Western Canada." Forest Ecology and Management 277 (2012): 67-73.

Mike Bokalo, Philip G. Comeau, Stephen J. Titus. 2007. Early development of tended mixtures of aspen and spruce in western Canadian boreal forests For. Ecol. Manage. 242, 175-184.

Sonja Vospernika, Mike Bokalo, Friedrich Reimoser, Hubert Sterba. 2007. Evaluation of a vegetation simulator for roe deer habitat predictions Ecol. Model. 202, 265-280.

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