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Dr. Fran Walley, Associate Dean Academic, Professor of Soil Science, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan

Presentation Title:  Teaching Sustainable Agriculture at an Environmental Tipping Point: Is the Sky Falling?

Event Date: January 26, 2017

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Sustainable agriculture as adaptation to climate changeDr. David Sauchyn, Professor, University of Regina. February 24, 2016.
We are not alone: Messages from inner space for 21st century agriculture. Dr Norman Uphoff, Professor of Government and International Agriculture and Director of the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. 14 November 2012.
Soil and Water: Our Key to Survival. Professor William Shotyk, Bocock Chair in Agriculture and the Environment, Department of Renewable Resources, Faculty of Agricultural, Life &  Environmental Sciences, University of Alberta. 13 October 2011.
Food Safety and Security in an Era of Climate Change. Professor MS Swaminathan, "Father of the Green Revolution in India" and University of Alberta 2010 Honorary Degree Recipient. 7 October 2010.
Sustainable Agriculture Development Requires a Shift From an Industrial to a Multifunctional Model. Dr. Rene Van Acker, Professor and Chair of the Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, Ontario. 6 October 2009.
What Will the Ecosphere Require of  Us? Dr. Wes Jackson President of the Land Institute, Salina, Kansas. 6 October 2008.
Underground Ecosystems and the Subconscious: Their Neglect and Potential to Save Us. Dr. Stuart Hill, Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia. 18 October 2007.
Can we Develop a Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century Given the Challenges We Face. Dr. Frederick L. Kirschenmann, Director, Leopold Center, and Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Iowa State University. 13 October 2005.
Soil Phosphorus - From Feast to Famine. Dr. Phil Brookes, Senior Research Scientist, Agriculture and the Environment Division, Rothamsted Research, England. 27 October 2004.