Valentin Reyes-Hernandez

PhD Candidate, Forest Biology and Management

Renewable Resources
776 General Services Building
(780) 492-6472

Supervisor: Phil Comeau

Research Area: Silvicultural systems for multiple objectives.

Research Project: Stand Density Index and Productivity of the Boreal Mixedwoods in Western Canada

The main objective of my Research is to examine the application of Stand Density Index in the boreal spruce-aspen mixtures management for both timber and non timber values. I will utilize data from permanent and temporary sample plots (PSP’s, TSP’s) from the western Canada boreal forest, covering a wide range of ages, densities, species composition and stand conditions, to analyze the size – density relationship in white spruce and aspen stands. In addition, more samples in selected PSP’s will be taken to evaluate current site occupancy as well as to obtain relevant data on ecological characteristics and understory vegetation abundance.

I expect this study will contribute to a better understanding of the yield advantages of mixtures relative to pure stands in the white spruce- aspen association and the implications of stand structural diversity and composition on the growth rate and productivity of white spruce. Results obtained will also be useful to understand how the stand structure and composition influence understory vegetation abundance and to explain how the heterogeneity of horizontal and vertical stand structure is connected to the diversity that exists in a boreal forest stand.