Xiao Tan

Xiao currently works as a Senior Reclamation Specialist, doing reclamation and research in the Oilsands Region of Alberta. The goal of mine reclamation programs is achieving self-sustaining ecosystems with equivalent or better capability than that of pre-development conditions. Xiao is working with her reclamation team to ensure reclamation success -- returning the land to an equivalent capability, using the latest technology, and carrying out the innovative environmental policies. Reclamation research is key for developing innovative strategies and techniques to re-establish forests on surface mined lands. This research is needed to ensure that these forests function comparably with natural ecosystems, and helps to optimize reclamation practices and support the development of management frameworks for managing the environmental effects of oil sands development.

Dr. Tan is involved in a number of research initiatives through regional committees including Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA), Cumulative Effects Management Association (CEMA), and the Canadian Oilsands Network for Research and Development (CONRAD) to support research through company cash grants or in-kind contribution to universities such as the U of A and research organizations. Research topics include watersheds, revegetation, acid deposition on terrestrial ecosystems, aquatics, and others.

Xiao graduated from the Department in 2006 with a PhD in Soil Science under the supervision of Dr. Scott Chang. Xiao's thesis title was 'Effects of soil compaction and organic matter treatments on soil nutrient cycling in boreal forest ecosystems.' Xiao received numerous awards during her University of Alberta studies.

Added: 22 June 2009