Kevin Renkema

Kevin Renkema graduated from the Renewable Resources Department in 2009 with a MSc and currently works at Navus Environmental as an environmental consultant. His thesis focused on silviculture and forest biology; however the economy was in a downturn when he completed his thesis, and he spent a few months being a helper on a potato farm. Later he obtained work for the Canadian Forest Service as a research technician which was followed by his position at Navus Environmental.

At his current position, Kevin has been involved in a number of projects that draw from his forestry background but have also have introduced him to new fields. At Navus, Kevin along with Dean MacKenzie (U of A, PhD ‘12) have conducted several research trials to develop operational methods for establishing boreal and montane shrub species on disturbed land in Alberta. Kevin has also conducted reclamation assessments on the Genesse and TransAlta coal mines located to the west of Edmonton as well as on many reclaimed wellsites.

Kevin enjoys his work as it allows him to use his research findings and forestry background to help solve current problems. The research he has conducted on establishing shrub species can be directly applied to mining or wellsite reclamation activities and is focused on being feasible on an operational scale. He hopes to continue to work on further refining methods to establish native vegetation on disturbed land and work directly with companies in implementing these methods.

Kevin successfully passed his MSc exam in November 2009.

Updated: 25 March 2011