Paul Jeakins

Paul is currently the Commissioner and CEO of the BC Oil and Gas Commission. Previous employment includes BC Oil and Gas Commission – Chief Operating Officer; Deputy Commissioner; Executive Director as well as Kokanee Forests Consulting Ltd. – Owner/Director. Plans are in place for Paul to attend the Director’s College in Ontario in addition to a personal trip to Peru with one of his sons.

After receiving a Diploma of Technology in Forestry from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT 1982), Paul decided to enroll in a BSc Forestry program at the University of Alberta in 1983. In 2008 Paul completed A MSc from Royal Roads University. The topic of Paul’s thesis was “Using differential scaling of paired comparisons to evaluate the relationship between communities and public advisory groups in sustainable forest management”.

Paul views the University of Alberta as a great university and believes the instructors prepared the students well for their careers. Paul found fellow students interesting and residence, from the little he can remember, was a great community and a lot of fun and recommended the University of Alberta to his son for his choice of university. One of Paul’s highest marks was in Policy. He guesses that was a harbinger for his current career although at the time he couldn’t see that at all. One of the strongest memories for Paul was a guest lecture from the CO Service who was holding and swinging around a dart rifle as he was talking. At one point he pulled the trigger and a dart actually shot out of the gun and went through a periodic table poster in the corner of the room. The guest lecturer was as shocked as the rest of them which resulted in lots of nervous laughter.

Paul would not have predicted that a degree in forestry would lead to his role as an oil and gas regulator, but the courses in forestry prepared him for a wide variety of natural resource issues. Understanding the complex interactions of social, ecological and economic objectives is critical in natural resource management, whether for forestry, mining or oil/gas development.

Paul is developing a leadership framework for current and future leaders at the BC OGC. He believes that graduates don’t come out with a complete understanding of what leadership is or could be and he wants to make sure that the Oil and Gas Commission’s leadership team is well prepared to lead their teams into the future.

Every couple of years Paul likes to scramble up a mountain – mostly in the Rockies. The last one was Mount Temple with his two sons. Every now and then the ocean calls and he likes to venture out on it with his Kayaks as well as taking a trip every year to a different part of the planet.

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Added: 24 February 2012