Michael Mbogga

Michael completed his PhD under the supervision of Drs. Andreas Hamann and Francis Yeh. His PhD research focused on developing adaptation strategies for reforestation within the parameters of an uncertain western Canadian climate in the future. This work involved time consuming development of spatial climate datasets for Western Canada and modeling climate impact on forest ecosystems. His research also involved  the effect of logging on primates in the forest.

Michael grew up in a small town just outside Uganda's capital, Kampala, on the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa. After his B Sc and M Sc in Forestry from Makerere University in Uganda, he worked as a research assistant. He later lived and worked as the director of Budongo Conservation Field Station in the jungles of Budongo, Uganda's largest forest reserve, a place he would go back to given the chance.

Michael is current an Assistant Lecturer with the Department of Forest Management, Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation, Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Michael has also worked as an associate scientist on forest genetic resources with Bioversity International at the Rome headquarters, a job that allowed him to travel extensively. He spent the last one and half years of this assignment working at the regional office for Sub-Saharan Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

Michael has a passion for languages. He is fluent in Lugandan plus several other Ugandan languages and can get around in French, Italian, and Swahili. He loves reading and the outdoors (minus the cold). Most of the little free time he has is spent spoiling his three girls - Talisha, Kayla and Serena.

Michael started his PhD studies in 2006 and expects to complete ths degree in 2009. His plans are to return to Uganda and take up a position with the Makerere University's Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2009 edition of the Landmark Newsletter. Michael successfully passed his PhD exam in June 2010.

Updated 28 May 2012.