Glen Dunsworth

Glen Dunsworth is an Ecological Consultant providing services in forest resource management, conservation biology, and strategic planning. He has extensive experience in the BC coastal forest industry with Macmillan Bloedel and Weyerhaeuser where he directed regeneration and biodiversity research and developed effective new strategic approaches to ecosystem management. He has facilitation, organizational and project management experience in landscape and strategic planning.

Most recent work includes consulting on the implementation of Ecosystem Based Management on the Central Coast of BC, Adapative Management program design for beetle killed forest regeneration for the BC Government, FSC auditing, and a UBC Press book on our Weyerhaeuser Adaptive Management experience due out in May.

The first graduate of the University of Alberta Forestry post-graduate program in 1977, he specializes in biodiversity, genetics, landscape ecology and ecosystem-based management. He has strong technical writing skills with over 50 publications. Glen is associated with WWF Canada through their Pacific Region office as Senior Fellow, Ecosystem Function. His leadership experience qualifies him to administer large, multi-disciplinary teams and is a member in good standing of the College of Applied Biology. His most recent experience was in developing and implementing an adaptive management and monitoring program in support of Weyerhaeuser's Coast Forest Strategy, a major shift in forest management from clear-cut to a variable retention approach.

Consulting services to client organizations include industries or groups such as forestry, environmental, government, media, and crown corporations.

Added: 28 January 2009