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  1. Fangliang He

    Biodiversity expert advances from tier 2 to tier 1 Canada Research Chair

    Advancement comes with seven-year term and $200,000 in annual funding

  2. Jennine Pederson

    Alberta wildflower helps scientists plan for climate change

    Transplanting it to hotter and cooler regions triggers vital questions

  3. Landan Poettcker

    Christmas tree sale by forestry students support the United Way

    Forestry student association will sell 2,000 Christmas trees

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In the News

  1. Ravens conspire to make Edmonton home in numbers that puzzle experts

    Edmonton Journal - U of A naturalist John Acorn comments on the large number of ravens that inhabit Edmonton.

  2. ABMI climate change project makes the news

    CBC Radio - Conservation biologist Scott Nielsen explains that the northern blazing star plant fizzles in warmer climates and is not likely to survive as temperatures rise unless they’re transplanted in cooler, more northern areas. It’s one of several projects being conducted on climate change adaptation through Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.

  3. Fires rapidly claim more forests and peatland in the Arctic

    E&E Publishing - Mike Flannigan, director of the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, located at the University of Alberta, comments in this story about a wildfire that claimed a home near the Hoarfrost River.

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Where are they now?

  1. Glen Dunsworth

    MSc, Forest Science, 1977 Ecological Consulting Entrepreneur

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