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  1. William Shotyk

    Study shows no lead pollution in the oil sands region

    Findings contradict current scientific knowledge

  2. ALES launches centennial celebrations

    Highlights include panel discussion hosted by Kim Campbell, a 20-minute skit of faculty's history and launch of a book chronicling ALES' first 100 years.

  3. New CAIP chair examines water and land connection in carbon cycle

    University of Guelph export brings expertise in disturbed wetland research

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In the News

  1. Attack of the pine beetle

    When the mountain pine beetle began blazing a path across forests in British Columbia and Alberta, nobody could have imagined the extent of the damage to come. Nadir Erbilgin, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Forest Entomology in the Department of Renewable Resources is interviewed.

  2. Department chair at the U of A’s school of forest science and management tells a few things about Edmonton’s trees

    Many of the oldest trees in Edmonton can be found around the city’s core and Old Strathcona, according to Vic Lieffers, department chair at the U of A’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environment Sciences.

  3. We're on fire: Here's a playlist for summer in N.W.T.

    Mike Flannigan, professor with the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta and the Director of the Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science, provides comment on the forest fires burning in the Northwest Territories.

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Where are they now?

  1. Xiao Tan

    PhD, Soil Science 2006 Senior Reclamation Specialist

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