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  1. Lee Foote

    Book demystifies obligatory graduate oral exams process

    RenR professor seeks to have students acquire understanding of process and reduce anxiety around it

  2. Tyana Rudolfsen

    Grad student and post-doc rescue lost hunter in BC wilderness

    Pair come across dehydrated, pre-diabetic man in area heavily populated by bears

  3. Cordy Tymstra

    The year the moon and sun turned blue

    New book by PhD student explains how the biggest wildfire North America has ever seen changed the way fires are fought in Alberta today

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In the News

  1. The Environment File

    John “the Nature Nut” Acorn, renewable resources instructor at the University of Alberta, comments on Monarch butterflies.

  2. Alberta researchers stumble across stranded hunter in BC wilderness

    CBC Edmonton - When two University of Alberta researchers set out to a remote B.C. mountain valley this weekend, they expected to just swap out some scientific equipment and leave. Instead, they stumbled across a surprising find: a lost hunter desperate for rescue. Jonathan Ruppert and Tyana Rudolfsen, a post-doc and masters student respectively, had driven from Edmonton to switch out a handful of temperature loggers she had installed in the Flathead River Valley, just north of the U.S.-B.C. border. There, they saw a surprising sight: a disheveled man, frantically waving a silver survival blanket, attempting to catch the attention of a passing plane. Coverage also ran in the Edmonton Journal, CTV Canada AM, Radio Canada International, Huffington Post, CTV News, City TV, 630 CHED, News 660, Alberta Primetime and others.

  3. Video of nine year-old shooting bear at Alberta birthday party spurs hunting debate

    Global News - Conservation biologist Lee Foote comments on a story about the outcry in the UK regarding an online video of a nine-year-old Albertan shooting a black bear during a legal hunt.

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Where are they now?

  1. Francesco Cortini

    PhD, Forest Biology and Management, 2010

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