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  1. Invasive Prussian carp damaging Alberta rivers

    First evidence of harm to North American waters is worrisome for continental U.S.

  2. Tree's chemistry puts mountain pine beetle in sticky situation

    Discovery could mean lodgepole pine seedlings can be bred to survive attacks.

  3. Commentary || Bear 148 presents the hardest decision in wildlife management

    Researchers say giving young habituated female grizzly another chance the latest example of the unenviable “grinding crucible of decision-making” at work.

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In the News

  1. Sticky sap protects trees from mountain pine beetles

    Discovery by researcher Nadir Erbilgin means that seedlings can be bred to survive beetle attacks

  2. Painted ladies fly by

    St. Albert Gazette - Alberta should soon see a rare butterfly migration as weather pushes them north to Canada

  3. Influx of painted lady butterflies expected in Alberta in July

    Edmonton Journal - Last mass migration this far north was in 2005

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